For the safety of casino games we use the following technology:

Random Number Generator.

To generate random numbers using certified hardware random number generator Quantis-v10.10.08.

Our casino uses the best practices to provide secure payments by credit cards:

Verified by Visa (3D Secure)

Verified by Visa (3D Secure) is a new service to provide high reliability and security of payments through the Internet. Using a simple verification process, "Verified by Visa" makes an identification procedure of the card holder during purchases on the internet that participate in this program. Any Visa card holder can use this convenient service.

Besides, "Verified by Visa" is really easy to use. You should register your card and create your own password for its security. After this, "Verified by Visa" window will appear on your computer each time the purchases are made on the internet. Just enter your password in the respective field and press the 'Send' button. The authenticity of the card holder will be confirmed, and the purchase will be secure.

To activate the "Verified by Visa" service and to get detailed information you have to refer to your Visa card issuer or visit the site:

MasterCard® Secure Code

MasterCard® Secure Code™ is a new service from MasterCard® and your card issuer, which provides strong security to your payments on the Internet. There is no necessity to receive new cards MasterCard®. You select your own MasterCard® Secure Code™ and neither commercial nor service organization will have access to it. Personal codes provides additional defense from unauthorized usage of your credit or debit cards. At any time MasterCard® can be used for payment on the Internet, and then a special window initiated for you as card issuer appears on your computer. It requests your Secure Code™, by analogy with the identification request on the cash terminal. Your card issuer confirms your identity and allows you to make a purchase.

To learn more about MasterCard® Secure Code™ technology visit site

Wirecard payments are processing in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):


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