Slot machine "Heaven and Hell" 

A three-reel slot machine with 1 pay line and 1 bonus game. Each of the three reels has 25 symbols. Reels spin independently. 

Basic game

Once the bet is selected press the 'Spin' button to set the reels in motion. The 'PAYTABLE' is found above the reels. If the combination indicated in the 'PAYTABLE' appears, you will win the respective prize. The winning amount for a combination is multiplied by the bet. After the reels stop, all winning combinations are highlighted in the 'PAYTABLE'. 

Bonus game "Paradise ticket"

When two "Bonus" symbols appear on reel 2 and reel 3, trigger the "Paradise ticket" bonus game. Bonus game starts and lottery ticket is displayed on the screen. The player can choose three cells during one bonus round. The prize amount that can be won for one selected cell, equals to the amount appearing in the cell multiplied by the bet. When bonus game finishes, you can either play a game of odds or start a new game. 


You can choose lines, define your bet and start an autoplay by pressing Autoplay. Before starting, set the game stop terms. 

Autoplay terms: 

1. "STOP, WHEN WINNING >= ..." 

2. "STOP, WHEN BALANCE >= ..." 

3. "STOP, WHEN BALANCE <= ..." 

These terms are only applicable to the basic part of the player account, not including bonuses. 

Exit Game

To exit the game, click on the "Exit game" button.

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