"Roulette is a table game aims to guess the sector of the roulette wheel at which the ball is landed after the roulette wheel is stopped.

There are the variety of «roulettes», one of them is «American Roulette Live».

«American Roulette Live» is a table game where only one mode is available - public mode: all players play at the only table, but they do not see each other.

The distinctive feature of «American Roulette Live» is that there live dealer takes part. «American Roulette Live» has an additional 00 (double zero) slot on the wheel and a double-zero betting space in the grid, so players can bet on 38 numbers.

Roulette appearance 

At the top part of the roulette there is displayed a box with an online dealer transmission.

There is an opportunity to change the quality of the broadcasting video in the roulette. Medium quality is reproduced by default. To change the quality of the video the player has to move the appropriate slider. To regulate the sound level a player needs to move the icon near the dynamic icon. To turn off/on is enough to click the mouse once the dynamic icon.

Game and Betting 

To place a bet, the player has to choose the required chips and click on the required combination in the field. Bet on spaces will flash. A single game allows an unlimited number of bets, in accordance with the player’s account size and the wager limits set up for the chosen table. To cancel all the bets the player has to click on the «CLEAR» button, but to cancel a certain bet, the player has to choose an X-marked chip and click on the bet that is being canceled.

After the Bet is complete, the player spins the wheel by clicking on the «CONFIRM» button. When the timer is coming to Zero all bets the player made are confirmed automatically even if he did not press «CONFIRM» button. Dealer spins roulette when the timer is over.

Chat with dealer 

There is a chat available to communicate with a dealer in the roulette. To start chatting a player need to click the lower part of the chat and enter the message. To send a message a player need to press «Enter» or «Send» buttons. Dealer will answer orally.

The end of the Game 

When the wheel has stopped and the ball has come to rest, a respective space is marked according to the number on which the ball has landed. After that, the winner is chosen according to the type and the number of bets and the slot where the ball has landed.

After the game is finished the player has to wait until all made bets disappear. After a player can make new bets or to press «REPEAT». After a player pressed «REPEAT» button he plays the same combinations the same bets amount as the previous game.

Winning Combinations 

There are many types of bets, where the gain depends on the bet size.

Here are descriptions of winning combinations and payout:

Description of the win combination Payment
Straight Betting on one number 35
Split Betting on two numbers 17
Street Betting on a cross row (three numbers) 11
Corner Betting on four numbers 8
Five-line Betting on five numbers 6
Six-line Betting on two cross rows (six numbers) 5
Column Betting on a column 2
Dozen Betting on a dozen 2
1-18/19-36 Betting on 1-18 (small) or 19-36 (big) 1
Even/Odd Betting on even or odd 1
Red/Black Betting on red or black 1

Betting Limits 

Every hall sets its own maximum and minimum bet sizes. Here are the betting limits for all playing hall.

The wager limits for respective tables are (min/max in $):

Bet Type Classic hall VIP
Min Max Min Max
Straight 0,1 25 5 250
Split 0,1 50 5 500
Street 0,1 75 5 750
Corner 0,1 100 5 1000
Five-line 0,1 125 5 1250
Six-line 0,1 150 5 1500
Column 0,1 500 5 5000
Dozen 0,1 500 5 5000
1-18/19-36 0,1 1000 5 10000
Even/Odd 0,1 1000 5 10000
Red/Black 0,1 1000 5 10000

Exit Game 

To exit the game, click on the «Exit Game» button.

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