Roulette is a table game where the player may choose to place a bet on a single number or a rank of numbers. The wheel is spun, and the ball is then spun in the opposite direction. It loses momentum and comes to land in one of the 38 pockets on the wheel. The player has to guess on which, wheel's number, the ball will land when it stops. American Roulette is a derivative of roulette. 

The American Roulette is a table game with two playing modes: 

1. Personal mode, with only one player involved in the game. 

2. Public mode, involving 1 to 4 players. 

Players who have just come to the table may observe the game or join by clicking on the 'Join' button, if the box is free. American Roulette has an additional 00 (double zero) slot on the wheel and a double-zero betting space in the grid, so players can bet on 38 numbers. 

Game and Betting

To place a bet, the player has to choose the required chips and click on the required combination in the field. Bet on spaces will flash. A single game allows an unlimited number of bets, in accordance with the player's account size and the wager limits set up for the chosen table. To cancel all the bets the player has to click on the 'Clear Bet' button, but to cancel a certain bet, the player has to choose an X-marked chip and click on the bet that is being cancelled. After the Bet is complete, the player spins the wheel by clicking on the 'Spin' button. They can also wait until the wheel spins automatically (every 60 seconds), but this is better used in the public mode. 

The end of the Game

When the wheel has stopped and the ball has come to rest, a respective space is marked according to the number on which the ball has landed. After that, the winner is chosen according to the type and the number of bets and the slot where the ball has landed. 

After the player has finished the game; he or she can clear the table by clicking on the 'New Game' button and placing a new bet. It is also possible to wait until the bets are cleared automatically. Then, the 'Repeat' button will be activated, so the players can save all bets and their combinations used in the previous game. With more than two games behind, the Previous Game option is activated bringing back the game before last. When all the bets have been made, the players may either clear them to stop the game or spin to start a new game. 

Winning Combinations

There are many types of bets, where the gain depends on the bet size. 

Here are descriptions of winning combinations and payout:

Win combination Description of the win combination Payment
Straight Betting on one number 35
Split Betting on two numbers 17
Street Betting on a cross row (three numbers) 11
Corner Betting on four numbers 8
Five-line Betting on five numbers 6
Six-line Betting on two cross rows (six numbers) 5
Column Betting on a column 2
Dozen Betting on a dozen 2
1-18/19-36 Betting on 1-18 (small) or 19-36 (big) 1
Even/Odd Betting on even or odd 1
Red/Black Betting on red or black 1

Betting Limits 

Every casino sets its own maximum and minimum bet sizes. Here are the betting limits for all playing hall. The wager limits for respective tables are (min/max in $):

Bet Type Minimum hall Classic hall VIP
Min Max Min Max Min Max
Straight 0,01 0,5 0,5 25 5 250
Split 0,01 1 0,5 50 5 500
Street 0,01 1,5 0,5 75 5 750
Corner 0,01 2 0,5 100 5 1000
Five-line 0,01 2,5 0,5 125 5 1250
Six-line 0,01 3 0,5 150 5 1500
Column 0,01 5 0,5 400 5 5000
Dozen 0,01 5 0,5 400 5 5000
1-18/19-36 0,01 10 0,5 1000 5 ~
Even/Odd 0,01 10 0,5 1000 5 ~
Red/Black 0,01 10 0,5 1000 5 ~

Exit Game 

To exit the game, click on the 'Exit Game' button.

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