Blackjack "Caribbean 21" 

1D - One deck. 

S17 - The dealer must draw to 16 and stand on soft 17. 

DAS - Double after the split. 

DAX - Double on any cards. 

RS1 - Re-split once. 

IOA - Insurance on any first two cards. 

NSAI - No split after insurance. 

ESX - Surrender anytime. 

ENHC - European No-hole card. 

"Blackjack" - is a card game, in which the player plays against the HOUSE. The player's target is to get a "Blackjack" hand, or to collect the maximum card value, but less than 21 using his additional cards. 

There are many types of Blackjack. One of them is "Caribbean 21". 

"Caribbean 21" - is a card game with two modes: 

1. Private. In this mode, only one player plays against the casino at the table. 

2. Public. Up to 4 people can play against the casino. 

The players who came to the table can observe the game. They can start the game by pressing on the "Join" button, if the box is free. 

The game plays with one 52 cards deck (1D) from "Twos" to "Aces". Every new round starts with a new deck of 52 cards. 

Point count

1. Cards from "Twos" to "Tens" are evaluated by their value from 2 to 10. 

2. Face-cards are evaluated to have a 10 value. 

3. An "Ace" always counts as 1. Suits don't play any role. 

Bets and deal

To start the game the player has to place the bet in one or several boxes in which he wants to play. In case the game is played in several boxes, the game in each box doesn't depend on other boxes. 

After the player chooses the bet amount, he places the bet by clicking on the left mouse button. The bet must be in a rank defined on every table. To cancel any bet, the player has to click on the chip with "X" sign. 

For each dealing, a player may make a cut in a shoe. A cut is the amount of cards placed at the end of the shoe and the dealer begins with the next card. In other words, if the cut is 20 cards, the dealing starts with the 21st card, and the upper 20 cards are moved to the bottom of the shoe. It gives a player an opportunity to influence the result of the game. After a player has made a cut (or has skipped this option), it is necessary to press on the "Deal" button. An opportunity to make a cut exists only in the real money game mode. 

The dealer deals one card on each active box of the player, regardless of the bet amounts and from right to left, and then takes one card. Then the dealer deals one more card on each active box, leaving no card for himself. All cards are dealt face up. After the player finishes his actions, the dealer draws more cards to complete his hand (ENHC). 

The dealer has "Caribbean 21", insurance.

After the cards are dealt, the dealer's revealed card are checked. If the revealed card is an "Ace", the player is offered insurance against the dealer's possible "Caribbean 21". To do it, the player should click on the "Insurance" button. 

Insurance is an optional additional bet against the possible dealer's "Caribbean 21". After the insurance is made, if the dealer gets "Caribbean 21", the insurance wins and is paid 9:1, in other cases it loses. At the same time, the bet amount of insurance goes to the casino regardless of result. After the insurance is made, a player can't divide his cards in the box (NSAI). 

The Player gets "Caribbean 21"

The "Caribbean 21" is the highest combination hand of all 21 point hands. If the player's 3-card hand has a value of 21 points and consists of an Ace, and two cards with the value of 10, the dealer announces that the player has a "Caribbean 21". If the dealer does not have a "Caribbean 21", the player's bet pays 3:2 to the initial bet (not to the double). If the dealer also has a "Caribbean 21", a 'Push' is announced. 

Taking cards

A Box game proceeds independently of the bet size, right to left from a player. After the dealing if the player doesn't have "Blackjack", he or she may take one or several (as many as necessary) cards to improve the combination. To take the card, it's necessary to press the "Hit" button. 

Doubling down

A player may double down on any cards in his hand (DAX). To do that, click the "Double" button. If the bet is doubled, a sum equal to the primary bet in this box is taken from the player's account. After that, the player gets only one additional card, and continues playing. The player may double down the bet an unlimited quantity of times, but not to bust. A player can double his or her bet even after a split (DAS). 

If the "Caribbean 21" combination come after doubling, it automatically becomes the "21" card combination and will be paid according to rules of "21" card combination value, and not as "Caribbean 21". 

Splitting pairs

The player may split any two cards into two separate hands. To do it, a player should press on the "Split" button. If he or she does, it is necessary to make a second bet, equal to the first. After the cards are split, each of the cards automatically gets a pair. A player may play with the two received combinations as if playing in a single box. There are some restrictions: 

1. Cards can be split only once in one box (RS1). 

2. A combination of three cards achieved after splitting and amounting to 21 is not "Caribbean 21". 

3. After the cards are split, the player can't make insurance on the box (IOA). 


If the player is satisfied with his or her combination, he or she can stop to take additional cards in the box. To stand and to pass the turn to the next box, or to compare his cards to the dealer's ones, he has to click on the "Stand" button. After the action is performed, the player's combination is compared to the dealer's one. The turn is passed to the next box. 


The player can surrender at any point of the game: after the cards have been dealt, after splitting, doubling, standing and after purchasing an insurance (ESX). To surrender, he has to click on the "Surrender" button. In case the player surrenders, half of the initial bet amount in the box is returned to the player. 

The Dealer's rules

The dealer's rules don't depend on the player's hand. The dealer must draw to 16 points or stand on "soft" 17 and higher. 

The Dealer or the player bust

When the player gets more than 21 points, his bet is bust and the move is passed to the next box. If the dealer gets more than 21, he loses and all players' bets are paid at 1:1. 

Comparing combinations

After the dealer stops, a comparison of combinations is performed: 

1. If the player has more points in the box than the dealer, the bet is paid 1:1. 

2. If the player has the same amount of points as the dealer, it's a 'Push' and all bets go to the dealer. 

3. If the player has the amount of points in the box less than the dealer, or the player busted, the bet is casino gain. 

Game end

After the finished game you must click on the "New Game" button to remove all bets and cards from the table. The "New Game" button is available in a private mode only. In public mode, bets and cards are removed automatically. Afterward, the player can bet chips on the boxes or click on the "Rebet" button to play with the same bets in the same boxes. The player can click the "Clear Bet" button to remove all bets, or to click the "Deal" button to start the game. 

Cancelling a game or continuing a game

To leave the game you must click on the "Exit game" button. 

In the case of network failures or any other problems, which result in a disconnection, your game will be restored. Every bet will be saved and in the case of an unfinished game, the player will get a chance to finish it, when you log in again. Continuing an interrupted game is only possible within 3,5 minutes after disconnect.

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