1. General rules.

The current rules are the agreement between Xcasino and player (user). Please read them carefully. When you register and play at Xcasino you confirm agreement with the present rules and understand all terms and conditions. To play at Xcasino you should be over 18 years old. No one under the age of 18 may register at Xcasino.

Xcasino reserves the right to change these rules at any moment without additional notification of the players. Registering the game account at Xcasino, the player fully understand and accept these rules and undertakes to fulfill them.

2. Gambling legislation in the different countries.

Gambling legislation is different for each country. Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction of your country. For this reason, the responsibilities in compliance with your country (region) laws must be taken completely by you. At present it is forbidden to register and play in Xcasino for citizens of the following countries:

  • - USA;
  • - Italy;
  • - Turkey;
  • - France;
  • - Israel;
  • - Netherlands;
  • - Spain;
  • - Singapore;
  • - Curacao;
  • - Aruba;
  • - Bonaire;
  • - St Maarten;
  • - Statia;
  • - Saba.

Xcasino reserves the right to block your account if you are a citizen of the mentioned countries. The holder of a credit card to deposit money is responsible for contravention of law on Internet gambling applicable in his country.

3. Confidentiality of personal data.

3.1. All the personal information of player is confidential.
3.2. Xcasino does not provide information about players to any third party.
3.3. The player takes full responsibility for financial transactions on his or her playing account.
3.4. The player has not right to give access to own account to a third party and also use for game from own account any additional software.
3.5. The player takes full responsibility for the safety of his/her login and the password used for access to account.
3.6. Xcasino does not take responsibility for the access of any third party to the player's account in case of the player providing access to a third party.
3.7. Xcasino has the right to block the player's account if the data was provided to a third party (parties).

4. Multi account.

4.1. The player may not have more than one casino account. Any additional account will be closed by Xcasino administration without any reimbursement to the player, including winnings.
4.2. Using one and the same credit card on several casino accounts will result in immediate closure of these accounts according to security policy.
4.3. Using any additional computer software for playing at Xcasino is prohibited.
4.4. Xcasino administration reserves the right to decline or cancel any bet.
4.5. Xcasino administration follows all bets and financial transactions made in the player's account.

5. Player's actions check.

5.1. Xcasino administration reserves the right to check the legality in compliance with the player's actions.
5.2. Playing should be done with the Xcasino user software. Bets made by any other way are prohibited and the winnings from them are not paid. In case any other use of software is detected, Xcasino administration reserves the right to block player accounts without any reimbursement, including winnings.
5.3. All games are played according to the set rules with the observation of minimum and maximum bets and winnings. The detailed information on games rules can be viewed in the 'RULES' menu of the respective game.

6. The payments.

The payments and deposits (increase of player's account) are effected in compliance with Xcasino rules described in the 'CASHIER' menu. In case of a deposit into a credit card, the credit card holder name should be the same as registered for the current player's account.

7. Verification.

7.1. Xcasino administration reserves the right to request a photocopy of a player's passport or driving license and photocopies of credit cards both sides in case this card has been used for deposit(s). If there is any doubt about the legality of the player's actions. If the requested information is not provided within seven calendar days, Xcasino administration has the right to block the player's account.
7.2. Xcasino administration reserves the right to decline bets of any player and to block player's accounts at any time if there is any doubt about the legality of a player's actions. When you deposit your player's account by SMS-deposit, Xcasino administration reserves the right to request from a player a photocopy of a player's passport and photocopy of contract with mobile operator. And if the number is corporative, Xcasino administration reserves the right to request from a player a photocopy of original documents:

  • 1) the document that the player (full name) is a company member (name)
  • 2) the document that confirm company (name) accessory to phone number of player's account was deposit
  • 3) the document that the specified phone number is provided by company (name) in use to employee (full name)

7.3. In case of disputes the player may discuss this with casino staff by any available mean described in the '24/7' button, which is placed in the Casino lobby or communicate through the 'HELP' button, which is placed in the game section. In all dispute situations the decision of Xcasino administration is final.
7.4. In case the turnover in the player's account is less than his deposit amount and the player wishes to withdraw money from the casino, the administration reserves the right to recover a penalty amount of 10%. The minimal amount that can be cashed out is $5.00. Maximum possible win in one game is $250 000.
7.5. Xcasino has the right to inform players about promotions, lotteries and other changes.

8. Participation in promotions.

8.1. Playing at our casino during promotions , the player's must confirm that he or she wants to receive the promotional amounts to increase the chance of receiving the maximum winnings and also that the player is not fraudulent and makes deposits only to withdraw promotional amounts.
8.2. We inform you that for any casino promotion on the withdrawal the following limitations exist: the wagered amount should be 50 times larger than deposited amount (to which promotional amount was transferred) and promotional amount.
8.3. The wagers in all games, except Roulette, Pokers and Blackjack and NetEnt are taken into consideration. 
In some games only a part of the bet considered when wagering promotional money:

  • Games of Novomatic, Igrosoft and MegaJack 40% of the wager you made.
  • Games of Betsoft 40% of the wager you made.

In the amount of wagering rates, only part equal  to a minimum of 1 cent (0.01$) can go.

In the event of failure of the conditions for a withdrawal request, special charges will be taken from the player's account to the casino, along with a proportional part of the balance. See example below.

8.4. Player may refuse the promotional money at any time. In this case, the promotional amount with the proportional balance will be withdrawn from the player's account.
For example:
If the player's balance is 0$. Deposited amount is 500$, promotional amount is 250$. So, the player's balance is 750$. If the player's balance after playing at the casino is 8 250$, refusing from the promotion amount will be equal to 250*8 250/750=2 750$. The Player's balance will be 5 500$, and this amount can be cashed out by the player without penalty.

8.5. In that case, there are special conditions for any action, limitation described above is not valid.

9. Player's accounts.

9.1. Casino administration does not delete accounts of the players for security reasons.
9.2. Casino administration has the right to lock an account if player broke the rules of the casino.
9.3. Withdrawals from the blocked accounts can be done at the discretion of the casino.
9.4. In the case of withdrawals from the accounts, which deposits were made with a credit card, account's fund balance at the time of lock is refund to Credit Card from which payment was. If the refund to your credit card is not possible for technical reasons, so by prior agreement with the owner of the account, the return will make by e-payment systems that are available in a casino or bank transfer. Casino administration reserves the right to cancel any player's deposit made with a credit card, without further explanation.

10. Privacy Policy.

10.1. You can read more about our privacy policy here

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